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Temperature controlled shipping packaging (TACPack Series)
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About TACPack
The TACPack latent heat storage material, like Patthermo and our other products, is an in-house designed and manufactured type of packaging used for transporting goods at a constant temperature which can be maintained for an extended period of time.
How TACPack Works
How TACPack Works
TACPack reduces the transfer of heat from the outside air via a thermally insulated container to maintain constant temperature in the adiabatic vessel by transfering thermal energy to latent heat storage material "Patthermo" which is mounted inside the insulated container.
This allows you to set the temperature inside the heat-insulating container by changing the type (melting temperature) of "Patthermo" mounted inside the insulated container.
How TACPack Works
Capabilities of TACPack
By using TACPack0208F temperature controlled shipping packaging, you will be able to transport goods at a constant temperature of 2°to 8 ℃ (Maximum duration: 74 hours at an outside temperature of 30 ℃)
Temperature controlled shipping packaging product lineup
TACPack Series

This series of products is for standard temperature controlled shipping.

  • The TACPack -20°C Series Pamphlet
  • The TACPack 2-8℃  Pamphlet
  • The TACPack 15-25℃ Series Pamphlet
A custom Package "TACPack" is produced based on the customer’s size and specification needs.
With a full-scale insulating and heat storage material manufacturing system and an abundance of know-how regarding package design, we provide customers with a variety of temperature controlled shipping packaging solutions.

Design flow for temperature controlled shipping packaging

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Commonly asked questions regarding temperature controlled packaging

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