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About our Processed Polystyrene Foam Products
About our Processed Polystyrene Foam Products
Using the experience gained since the establishment of our company, we have perfected a surefire polystyrene foam processing technique.
Using the abundance of know-how that we possess, we make full use of our original processing machines to provide our customers with products that are perfect for their needs.
By using CAD/CAM to design and manufacture products that require complex processing, we are able to test a prototype version before making the actual mold.
By utilizing a surefire technique perfected over a period of many years, we can handle a wide variety of processing needs. Of course, we can also handle requests requiring flat/straight cuts, complex curves/separators, and cylindrical processing/bonding.
We handle orders of any size in a precise way that perfectly meets the customer’s needs.
Features of foam Processing
Examples of how to use Processed Polystyrene Foam Products

For general underlay materials, heat insulation plates, etc. Millimeter precise adjustments are possible.

We also handle orders requiring special shapes or complex processing, including ground bars.

Our equipment at our company can also be used to produce large items/large construction equipment.

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