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Privacy Policy
Tamai Kasei Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”), regards the personal information gathered from customers on this Website as being very important; therefore, the policy for the handling of personal information is listed below.
We ask that you completely understand and agree to the following policy before using the Company’s website.
Cases requiring private information
We require the user to supply private information when using the contact form on our company’s Website.
*In other cases where private information is gathered, we will clearly state the purpose, content, and the manner of handling said information.
Purpose of use for private information
Private information received from customers through our company Website will be used only as listed below. It will never be used for anything outside of the customer’s intent when supplying said information.

1.When it is necessary to contact the customer in response to an inquiry.
2. For the purpose of data to help us best improve our current Website, products, and services, as well as develop new ones.
This data will be largely analyzed statistically, and will never be used to personally identify the customer.
3. When the customer has given consent.
Extent to which private information will be collected
Our company will collect only the bare minimum of private information necessary to answer customer inquiries or to provide future services. We will never require the customer to provide private information for purposes outside of the aforementioned.
(Required fields for private customer information will be clearly marked as such.)
Recording of private information
The customer’s private information in the case of an inquiry will be kept only as a record of the contact with our company’s agents. This record will be erased after a certain period of time has passed.
Distribution and release of private information
We value our customers’ privacy and will never distribute or release private information to third parties excepting the following cases:

1. When it is to a subcontracted group under strict confidentiality, who has been entrusted with system management and/or maintenance duties.
2. When the customer has given consent.
3. When it is required by law.
Safety Procedures
1. The Company will manage the Website in a way so as to prevent unauthorized access, loss of data, damages, tampering, and data leaks, and will take measures so as to provide a reasonable level of safety for both sides.
2. Our Website makes use of browser Cookies to provide the customer with the best experience possible.
Privacy Policy at Featured Links
For the purpose of providing the best possible information service to customers, our website features links to other companies and organizations.
We deny any liability for methods of collecting or handling private information through said outside links.
We ask that the customer access them at his or her own discretion.
Change of policy regarding protection of private information on the company Website
When there is a change in the content of this webpage, the company’s homepage will have an update announcing the change.
Please feel free to contact us for more information. For online inquiries, please click here.
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