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Company Profile
Date of Establishment May, 1989
Capital \50 million
Corporate Representative ikiyoshi Nakamichi, CEO
Business Line ●Manufacture of polystyrene foam packaging for agricultural and other uses.
●Development and manufacture of packaging products.
●Molding of plyostyrene foam for construction, building, and engineering purposes (water permeable blocks, etc.)
●Manufacture and sale of various buffer materials
●Development and sale of various packaging materials
●Manufacture and sale of cold storage materials
●Manufacture and sale of heat storage materials
Product Example ●TACPack
●Polystyrene foam products
●Secondary processed polystyrene foam products
●Cold storage materials
●Heat storage materials
●Packaging materials
Fiscal Term End of March
Office Head Office
3-524-9 Zenibako, Otaru, Hokkaido
TEL  0134-62-1100
FAX  0134-62-0777

Tomakomai office
3-12 Ipponmatsu,Tomakomai,Hokkaido
TEL 0144-53-5471
FAX 0144-53-5472

Second plant
3-521-4 Zenibako, Otaru, Hokkaido
TEL 0134-61-2423
FAX 0134-61-2426
Company History
1989 Company splits from Tamai Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Teine, Sapporo).
Capital: \25 million
1992 New water permeable polystyrene foam product introduced, the "Tammy Block".
1994 Tomakomai office opens.
1994 Factory head office relocates to current location, capital increases to 50 million yen.
1996 Takashima warehouse established in Otaru.
2003 Research and Development Department Established.
2008 Receives "Cross-field-partnership New Business Development Plan" certification from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2011 100% of shares in Kaneka Co., Ltd transferred, company reforms as Kaneka Group Co., Ltd.
2011 Transfer to second plant (cold storage refrigeration facility), expansion of large freezer room.

Tamai Kasei Co., Ltd. Head Office
3-524-9 Zenibako, Otaru, Hokkaido

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