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About our Expand Polystyrene Molding Business
We manufacture and provide our customers with high-quality polystyrene foam products using our know-how and experience accumulated since the establishment of our company. Polystyrene foam products provide excellent insulation, and also have the advantage of being recyclable.
Our polystyrene foam products are used in a wide variety of business field like packing containers for gifts and perishable goods such as fresh fish and vegetables, industrial materials for building and construction, and in medical field is used as transportation packaging of pharmaceutical products and specimens.
We have over 200 kinds of standard products prepared to meet our customer's needs. Our company has a system in place that can respond to both small batch orders and quick delivery needs as well. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to request a product that is not offered in our standard product lineup.
The wide variety of molding machines in our production system can respond to needs, no matter how compact or large.
Examples of how to use this product

Polystyrene foam products play an important role in keeping fish fresh during the transportation.

They also keep vegetables that can spoil easily due to changes in temperature fresh.

In addition, they keep fish products, seafood souvenirs, and other gifts from spoiling before they can reach the families that ordered them.

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