We are a full-scale manufacturer of temperature control products.

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We are a full-scale manufacturer of temperature control products.
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TamaiKasei, subsidiary of KANEKA; a Japanese international chemical manufacture, founded in 1949, is a leading temperature controlled packaging manufacturer located in Hokkaido. Japan.

TamaiKasei, started as an EPS insulated box manufacture in 1988 and has been providing reliable, temperature controlled packaging and solutions for temperature sensitive product distribution worldwide. We are unique in that we develop and manufacture both Phase Change Material (PCM) and insulated box (EPS) in our own factory. Our proven technology utilizes sophisticated processing CAD/CAM technology, and our validation system allow us to provide the best solution for your cold logistics in the most efficient way.

Cooling and Heating Products
Heating storage materials to maintain a given temperature and support temperature control.
Temperature controlled shipping packaging
Other items in our Product Line-up
Expand Polystyrene Molded Products
Foam Processed Products
General Cooling Materials
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